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Here at Northbridge, we aim to bridge the gap of your business with our decades of individualized expertise. Our services below are a mere snapshot of the work we're doing in our field and how it's impacting folks on a large scale. We have a veracious appetite for creating solutions and look forward to helping your company help others.



Peter Kelly-Detwiler is an established writer for Forbes.com as well as industry publications (Nickel Institute, GE Transform, GreenBiz) and corporate blogs and newsletters (Verne Global).

Writing serves two distinct purposes: First, it provides an unparalleled intelligence gathering platform, providing access to the CEOs of companies ranging from giant retailer IKEA to solar company SunRun or Storage company Stem. It allows me to better understand business models, refine specific theses on numerous energy-related topics, and integrate these disparate threads into a cohesive whole, allowing me to deliver strategic insights to clients. Second, writing is a service I provide to numerous clients, many of whom engage me to write on their behalf, under my own byline or without attribution, and even as a ghostwriter in some instances.

People hire me to write because I can explain complex issues to their specific constituencies. For example, Verne Global wants readers who own or operate datacenters in the EU to understand the advantages of relocating data activities to Iceland. GE wants fleet managers and power plant owners and operators to understand various global market conditions and how to better operate their units within that context.

Strategic Energy Technology & Policy & Market Reportage

Companies increasingly require in-depth analysis related to particular topics - in many cases cutting across multiple disciplines. I have written lengthy reports - as well as abbreviated summaries - on a variety of subjects, including the solar industry and the relationship between data centers and global power markets. The audience for these products includes subject matter experts, media (publication of the Mind the Gap datacenter paper was followed by a webcast as well as interviews with the press including USA Today) and consumers of the products being discussed (e.g., datacenter services).



speaking engagements

The "What" and "Why' of the current energy transformation are critically important to put into perspective and understand. I am increasinly being asked to deliver a compelling, accessible, and comprehensive narrative across a broad range of topics has resulted in a wide range of speaking, training, and other educational opportunities. These range from keynote addresses and webcasts to intensive in-person workshops ranging from 2 - 12 hours.

Keynotes and sponsored speaking events in 2018 include: Sponsored Speaker, Annual Meeting: New York Public Power Association; Keynote Speaker, Annual Meeting, New England Energy and Commerce Exposition; Sponsored Speaker, Annual Meeting, Northeast Public Power Association. Webcasts include one hour events addressing: Applications for Energy Storage; The Texas Energy Market; The PJM (Mid-Atlantic Energy Market); Recent Developments in Offshore Wind; Regulatory Actions at FERC and California PUC with Respect to Energy Storage; Trends in the Onshore Wind Industry Workshops include: a 3-hour session on Purchasing Renewable Power for Corporates; an 8-hour session on An Introduction to Power Markets; a 12-hour session on The Evolution of Energy Markets and Changing Technologies; a 2-day training on Understanding Energy Storage. Moderated conference sessions cover numerous topics from Financing Energy Storage to Electric Vehicle Adoption.

Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence

Investors place great value on receiving accurate, timely, and well-contextualized information. It's not enough to know what is happening. It's also important to know why, the relevant implications, and how to make ithat information actionable. In many cases, the complexity of markets, and the pace of technological change means that the cause and effect relationships are not always obvious. An apparently unrelated event in one sector may have a significant impact somewhere else, especially given the interconnected nature of global markets. I help clients identify and understand these dynamics and provide that information in the form of executive briefings, investment newsletters, and in-house training sessions.

Recent events have included: a Toronto briefing meeting with the fixed income division of a large multi-national financial services corporation, outlining current regulatory, market issues, and technology affecting investments in the electric sector; a Boston session with the staff of a wealth management team focusing on socially responsible investing.