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We know the big picture - energy markets and technology - and we know the built space. We work with our clients to define the challenges they are addressing and creating their vision of success. We help them to develop and implement the strategies they need to succeed, whether it’s a strategy to communicate how their products interact with energy markets, or how to teach a building to respond to pricing signals. The trick is to understand and communicate the ‘why’ and deliver the ‘how.’ 

The trick is to understand and communicate the ‘why’ and deliver the ‘how.’

Technology Trends & Analysis

Whether you are buying electricity, or introducing a new product or service into the power grid, you are participating in a global marketplace. Activities in one part of the globe can quickly have an impact somewhere else. Our customers need to know what’s happening in the market, the developments that affect them, how they are impacted, and what to do about it. We track the evolution of technologies - ranging from the introduction of new tech to associated price points, the emerging use cases, relevant regulatory and market developments - and we assist customers in determining how to respond.

  • We have advised one of the largest energy holding companies on current trends and strategies and offered insights on strategies to consider.

  • We have assisted a start-up company with a novel generating technology in understanding electric power markets.

  • Other clients have included an energy engineering firm looking to deepen their knowledge of available technologies to include in their design specifications.

  • We have prepared comparative analysis of demand response applications and products for use by a national energy services company.


Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence

Companies who produce technologies and services are experts in what they do, but may not have corresponding insights into complex electricity markets. We provide perspectives and insight into market conditions and competitive dynamics. We conduct diligence and research on customer requirements and emerging trends so our clients can enhance product offerings and business models.

  • We have helped companies - including one of the largest U.S. solar companies - understand where they fit in the evolving market, with insight on competitor activity and positioning.

  • We have provided background intelligence to one of the larger U.S. publicly traded companies concerning the business models related to virtual power plants.

  • Other assignments have included validating US addressable markets to establish a new business unit for a multinational chip manufacturing company focused on advanced energy applications

  • We have offered perspectives on buy/partner/build scenarios for a major battery storage company.


Expert to Technology Companies and Manufacturers

We’ve been active in electric power markets for decades. Our market intelligence and regulatory tracking activities provide actionable intelligence for technology companies and manufacturers to develop products and services that address current and future state market opportunities and help them prepare for new growth opportunities.

  • We have supported technology start-ups in determining how to position themselves in power markets, what technologies they compete against, and which regional markets offer the best opportunities.

  • We have assisted a number of established companies in a rapidly evolving marketplace determine where to ‘pivot’ and why, and what the new market looks like. We have offered market intelligence to a company assisting REITs determine how to prioritize efficiency investments across multiple electricity markets.

  • We’ve provided design concepts for new product applications including enterprise software platforms, advanced analytic applications, emergency generator monitoring systems, and HVAC controls.

  • Northbridge has served as the strategic and technical consultant to help design competitive product offerings (generator management, building automation and demand response applications) and the formation of a new US business unit. Activities included staff training, development of a national VAR network, direct and indirect business development and sales support, engineering services for specific projects, project management, and creation of marketing materials and proposal documents.


Keynotes, Trainings, Executive and Investor Briefings, and Webcasts

The electric energy world has never been more challenging to understand than it is today. There are changes taking place across the entire spectrum that you need to know about. However, most executives are so busy running the daily operations of the organization they don’t have time to gather the information and distinguish the important signals from the noise. We dedicate a specific portion of every day reviewing the latest market developments ranging across the energy spectrum the cost of cobalt in lithium ion batteries to recent applications of blockchain. Our job is to review the information and turn those raw data points into digestible and useful information. That information is not helpful if it is not effectively delivered in an engaging fashion. What is said is important. How it is delivered it is critical.

  • We have delivered keynote addresses to organizations ranging from public power associations to multinational companies highlighting the major dynamics driving change throughout the industry.

  • NorthBridge has offered webcasts and executive trainings for corporate executives and investor groups, ranging from onshore and offshore wind, to the latest federal and state regulatory developments, to recent developments in energy storage.

  • We have delivered trainings (as long as 12 hours!) on topics ranging from the evolution of the grid, to the latest in Demand Response and Demand-Side Management, to recent trends and use cases for batteries and energy storage.



It’s one thing to know what’s happening; it’s quite another to effectively communicate it to a broad range of constituents ranging from market experts to the man-on-the-street. The right narrative has never been so critical. To tell your organization’s story effectively, you have to know what to say, whom to tell it to, how to say it, and why.

  • We have assisted start-ups with new technologies position themselves in the market as thought leaders with grid operators, utilities, and regulators, and with their customer segments throughout the built space.

  • We’ve written formal comments in various regulatory proceedings.

  • We have developed content for marketing campaigns and verbiage for use in customer proposals and correspondence.

  • We have served as ‘story-teller in residence’ for a renewable energy association in Texas.

  • We have developed white papers and blogs, most recently supporting a large datacenter in Iceland with an award-winning white paper.

  • We have written for trade magazines, and generate written content for one of the largest multi-nationals in the energy space.


Organizational Transformation

It can be challenging for companies to make informed decisions on how to proceed with major initiatives, deploying new technologies and preparing for organizational growth. Our past leadership positions and experiences involved developing and deploying energy technologies in complex corporate environments and with emerging startups. We help our clients establish effective game plans and initiatives, as well as develop the organizational structures necessary for success.

  • We have developed product roadmaps, organizational growth matrixes and staffing requirements for clients that include a multinational energy services company, a large Asian utility conglomerate, a national energy engineering firm, and a major general contracting company who want to transition their traditional plan/spec business model into an innovative developer of smart buildings.

  • Other client assignments have included creation of product development plans for new business units charged with creating advanced technology applications


Facility Owner Advisor

NorthBridge provides expertise, domain knowledge and specialized information to help our clients execute portfolio wide energy strategies and implement energy projects. In this role we provide perspective on vendor and technology selection, development of scope documents, and oversight during project negotiations and implementation to ensure successful outcomes.

  • We have provided design concepts, technology expertise and guidance on vendor selection for numerous Federal and State government agencies for ESPC and IDIQ projects including GSA, FBI, EPA, FDA, DOD, LBNL, USAF, USNAVY, USARMY; States of MA, RI, NV, CT, NC, CA; and with State universities such as UNC, UNH, UNV, and more.

  • We have developed design specifications for upgrades to control systems for a wide array of facilities including acute health care, military, commercial and higher education buildings and campuses.

  • NorthBridge routinely provides oversight on our client’s RFP and procurement process and conduct technical review of proposals, submittals, and project progress for vendor payment.