As industry veterans, we know the landscape and the players.

We stay on top of energy industry trends and emerging technologies, and interpret how they apply to your business.

NorthBridge Energy Partners helps clients recognize, prepare for, and benefit from opportunities as they position

themselves and their technologies according to market dynamics, customers’ needs and competition.

This includes: applying products and services to new markets, advising on strategic plans,

developing software platforms, performing due diligence, market analysis, and applied research.


Peter Kelly-DETWILER

Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners

I engage with clients in helping them to understand markets and technologies, position themselves accordingly, and communicate their issues and strategies to targeted audiences.

This includes assistance with organizing conferences, writing white papers and executive briefings, developing communications strategies, and speaking engagements that include keynotes, webcasts, and trainings at all levels of the corporation.



Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners

I work with clients to develop and deploy advanced energy management technologies, enterprise software applications and sustainable solutions for their buildings, portfolios and customers.

This includes engaging with all levels of an organization in the formation of strategic goals and objectives and establishing a progressive game plan that delivers real results. As energy technologies evolve, transitioning away from legacy systems or adopting new products can be complex. I provide expertise and management practices to make this a simpler process.

NorthBridge can help clients across the energy spectrum.  We start by identifying the big-picture issues, such as market dynamics, supply side scenarios, and the conditions affecting your company and your facilities. Then we help you develop the actual on-the-ground strategies in response to these challenges by evaluating your technologies, operating systems, energy consumption patterns and exposure to costs. We work with you to develop new ways to apply new technologies, utilize renewable energy resources and manage buildings to achieve your sustainability goals and objectives. 

We’ve been helping facility owners in the energy space since 2006, when we launched Constellation Energy’s Demand Response program - the second largest in the country. During that engagement, we created the NewEnergy Alliance, a consortium of controls companies, systems integrators and design firms serving the built space.

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