Leveraging Energy Assets

NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC is an Energy consulting firm that provides industry expertise, market intelligence, decision support, and executive education to organizations and business leaders. NorthBridge works with clients evaluating strategic opportunities to position their technologies, properties, products and services for participation in electric energy markets. We help our customers develop new business models, refine existing market strategies, and create value across regulated and competitive energy environments.



What We Do for Businesses:

NorthBridge can help your business make sense of – and profit from – complex and continually evolving electric power markets and technologies.

We provide the industry expertise and market knowledge necessary for business leaders to make informed decisions on technology development, go-to-market models and sales strategies. This involves not only analysis of various markets and associated dynamics, but also alternative technologies that may be considered either complementary or competitive to your business.

What We Do for Energy Consumers:

NorthBridge can help your organization understand how to leverage existing assets, systems and vendors to optimize your energy consumption strategies within the context of market signals.

We can help you understand how, when and why you consume electricity, what that is costing you in real-time, and how to take advantage of your internal existing technologies and resources to create optionalities for supply contracts and lower your overall energy costs.